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Alex Charfen, Co-Founder and CEO of CHARFEN

Named Austin's Fittest Entrepreneur in 2011, Alex Charfen is the co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, and creator of the Natural Thirst Challenge. Beyond helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business, Alex took the lessons of high performance from some of the most successful individuals in the world to help create the Low Risk/High Reward Transformation in health and fitness. He is a fitness speaker, expert and consultant, ambassador and board member for Fit Company, and regularly appears in major media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Investor's Business Daily to provide his unique views and insights. He is also a regular contributor to Austin M.D. Magazine for Physicians and HuffPost Healthy Living.
Join the Natural Thirst Challenge
100% of diseases are improved with water
100% of body functions require water
Our bodies are 60% water
Our brains are 75% water

Let Your Instincts Drive Your Optimal Hydration
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What is Natural Thirst?
Natural Thirst is a Transformative Approach to Hydration  
It activates your body's instincts to survive and thrive, allowing the body to optimize so you never have to worry about drinking water again.

In the video above, I took six members of my team who'd been participating in the Natural Thirst Challenge for at least two weeks. For your benefit, I used this opportunity to retrain them in the Natural Thirst concepts.

What you will hear in just the preview are the amazing breakthroughs each of them has had. From resolving lifelong acne in under a week to eliminating the symptoms of type-II diabetes in 8 months.

We've all tried to bear down and white-knuckle it through water recommendations, from "8 x 8" to "just drink when you're thirsty." Water is critical for our survival, so I've wondered for years why hydration was so difficult. That’s why I created the Natural Thirst Challenge.

Through the 10 Days to Natural Thirst Challenge 
You Will Discover How To ...

Allow your body to NATURALLY OPTIMIZE

INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS and get more out of life

Show your body how to THRIVE, not just survive


DECREASE TOXICITY within the body

Awaken your body with HYPERHYDRATION

Learn how proper hydration can not only give you energy, but help you sustain high levels of energy throughout the day
(with no afternoon crash)
Reawaken your mind-body connection
so you can listen to your body's
signals to hydrate and thrive
Charge through your days with purpose and intention, and learn how to turn your hydration into an unfair advantage
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